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Illuminated Advertising

We produce all kinds and types of illuminated advertising boards. We are the designers of the unified illuminated advertising boards of POPAI used across the world. 

For the production of illuminated advertising boards we use: LED diodes, tubes, neon, Plexiglas, aluminium, plastics, dibond, 2D, 3D, projecting signs, advertising with a field that switches off, Miliken, digital printing or application of foils, the adhesion of several layers of Plexiglas together, vacuum creations. In most cases the structure is made from aluminium, or from stainless steel, steel or other metals. We give the surfaces an anodised or powder coating finish.

We always, of course, provide a 3D visualisation of our design depicting it in your actual environment. We produce, transport, install and service your illuminated advertising.

We are the authors of signage standards used for lighting profiles.

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