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The store, which specializes in equipment and technology for the meat industry and catering, underwent a comprehensive renovation and modernization project that included not only aesthetic changes, but also space improvements and an enhanced customer experience.

With a sales area of 600 square metres, the MASO - PROFIT store now offers an even more comfortable and clearer shopping environment. The renovation project was the result of the efforts of the MORIS Design team, who were involved in the design and overall project management.

One of the key elements of this project was the complete replacement of shelving and presentation counters. The refit of the cash desk and counter brought modernization and streamlining of the payment process. New signage and category markings now make it easier for customers to navigate the store. In addition, new presentation zones have been created for the "Dishwashing", "Pizza and Bistro" categories, adding a new, clear dimension to the store.

One of the innovative features of the project was the category presentation baskets that were used for condiments. The dividers and sliders, in turn, allowed for efficient organization. Another interesting feature is the new section for shoes and workwear, which even includes a changing cubicle.

A store-check was carried out with the customer to better understand their needs and preferences. Subsequently, a design was developed and implemented without the need for structural modifications. All this was achieved in six months from the initial meeting in November 2022 to the grand opening in May this year.

One of the most interesting elements of the implementation was the use of a non-standard material - beech grout. This material was used for the presentation tables, checkout counter and display case, and it added to the store's uniqueness and appeal. In addition, standard materials such as laminate, dibond and polycarbonate were used to complement the modern and professional look of the store.

The entire MASO - PROFIT project shows how renovations and innovations, when done correctly, can positively impact the retail space and customer experience. The new store is ready to welcome its customers in a modern and functional environment that reflects current needs and trends.

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