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The approach to the store entrance passes hundreds of parked cars intended for presale service. Thus, the location in no way suggests that there might be a first-rate store for a VIP clientele here. We also deliberately worked with these surroundings when designing the exterior. It may give a simple impression, but this immediately vanishes when the customer walks through the lobby. At this point, they’ll know that they’ve found themselves in a world of luxury, high quality and above-standard service. The contrast between the showroom’s exterior and interior therefore only intensifies the “WOW“ effect for newly-arriving clients.

The illuminated front of the reception desk is complemented by original large-format graphics and lights in the shape of a sports car’s rear diffuser. They underline the dynamism of both the store and the cars on offer. All this is placed on a dark background treated with the Venetian stucco technique. This demanding decorative style ingeniously contrasts with the luxury cars and the showroom’s furnishings.

After being greeted, customers are seated in comfortable seats in the waiting zone, which is sufficiently separated from the section with tables, thus providing clients with complete privacy when sharing sensitive information. However, if this doesn’t suit the client, there‘s a VIP lounge whose club-like atmosphere clearly indicates the exceptionality of the client’s visit. The clients‘ time in the store will be made more pleasant not only by the showroom’s luxurious furnishings, but also a small bar offering only the best light refreshments, including selected alcoholic beverages. 

The showroom’s new design has created a specific space where work positions are separated from the customer zone, although they’re practically openly integrated into the showroom. You won’t find any doors here, yet employees have an overview of the entire area without being noticed by clients. The whole space is visually unified by wood decor and pleasantly backlit graphics.

Another distinctive element is the 3D photo wall. The polygonal panel composition is purposefully set up to form an ideal background for photographing cars of all colours and shapes. It will always be a sufficiently contrasting designer element, which is also connected to the identity of the Mototechna Drive brand. Every car position in the store has its own lighting. This creates a play of lights on the cars‘ curves, paintwork and glass, which underlines their luxurious design.

Using ingenious division, we managed to transform an area of approximately 330 m2 into an exceptionally comfortable space for the most luxurious cars and VIP clients. 

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