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About project

We designed a new body and nail care store concept in a simple, subtly feminine style, so that it’s clear at first sight.

The place where customers can try out NaniNails products in practice has the atmosphere of a theatre scene. A two-level curtain, with the central placement of the NaniNails logo, evokes a romantic and pleasant atmosphere. The table has two levels; the upper for a lamp and if required paint racks, and the lower a work surface. Thanks to a so-called “test box“, customers can try out various light temperatures and the effect on colour perception.

We display small products, such as nail art decorations and various brushes, files etc. on a coloured stand reminiscent of a blooming flower. The products are presented at various heights, and are accessible from all sides. The simple shape of the cash register, with a display for impulse purchases and a presentation table, creates an optical barrier.

The wall behind the cash register is covered with silver mosaic graphics, consisting of part of the NaniNails logo. The cash register is backlit by a pink LED strip, which thus enhances the pleasant feeling in the store. The entire space is decorated in shades of pink, grey, white and silver.

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