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September 2021
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Our modernisation also included more effective store signage in the arcade, leading potential customers directly to the store. Right at the entrance, customers rapidly acquire a basic overview of the position of individual product categories, which they are led to using an improved customer path. This uses clear signage to show the customer the way and leads him intuitively through the entire store. Thus, any stress caused by potential chaos is eliminated, and the customer is left with a pleasant shopping experience.

In designing store interiors, we always consider high quality in-store communication. Our educational features enable us to provide the customer with complete independence in selecting products. Customers make use of digital technology located across the entire store for navigation and finding products. In this way, staff can focus more on running the store or providing their expertise, without being held up by extra questions. 

We added new lighting to the store fixtures, boosting the relaxed atmosphere of the entire store interior. You can’t make mistakes when working on an area 1,252 m2 large. That’s why in our detailed planning of the entire redesign we paid particular attention to make sure each individual step was right and each individual job was of the highest quality.

Shortly after the store’s opening, our client saw a growth in sales and excellent feedback from their customers. Our concept, bringing together long-term modern design and customer experience has proven itself again, contributing towards an overall increase in the store’s standards. 

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