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Operators' demands on their sales premises increase year by year. It was the same case during the realisation of the shop-in-shop concept, which is used to sell T-Mobile's phones and services. The shop-in-shop is conceived as a distinct shopping island, on which the customer can find services and products they're used to from regular stores in a relatively small space. With its modernity, the kiosk fits well into the shopping centre premises, while the quality of its design, strategic lighting for better product visibility and spatial layout makes it stand out from the line of regular shopping kiosks in the centre. The space allows for the presentation of selected phone models on the work desk, and functions as an interactive display which includes anti-theft security elements such as a camera network and an electronic security system. The corner cabinet, with a totem pole fitted with two presentation monitors, enables sellers to display and store products, while the monitors allow for the presentation of current advertising spots, including identification with the T-Mobile brand. The kiosk is variable and easily dismantlable, with the option of transporting it in practical and secure crates on wheels. 

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