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We never stop working on our concepts, not even after they’re up and running. The world of retail is one that continuously changes. Like the customers. In order that our Teta drugstore concept can keep up with the times, we have adapted selected parts to correspond better to new store needs – highlighting chosen sections in the eyes of shoppers.

By unifying all Decorative Cosmetics stands we have made the section appearance more coherent. This links better to the overall store design. Through illuminated elements, we have supported communication with customers, who can more easily take note of this range.

Through installing sides, we have bordered the Health shelf, highlighting it over other ranges. This means that this section subtly stands out. The illuminated green cross, visible from all sides, promotes navigation to the area, attracting customers from even far-away parts of the store.

Last but not least, we have refreshed the appearance of our current skin and hair care stands. We have used new terminology and graphics to do so. We have divided up hair dyes, for example, according to the effect which individual products have.

“I want to be seen!”, and “I want perfect coverage and extra care!”, declare signs over different types of hair dye. Even from a distance, the customer can see where to go if they’re looking for a bolder shade, or just to look after their colour.

The objective of the refit was primarily to rejuvenate the store interior, and adapt the concept to new trends. Because Teta stores’ original concept is also something we came up with, it was easier for us and for our client to implement the required changes. 

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