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About project

The design, which seems simple at first glance, is based on many years' experience. During the development, we used data from research involving 42 stores of all sizes, in 6 European countries. This was followed by long-term prototype testing. Thanks to this, a completely pure design was created which suits thousands of stores in the EU. The entire line of stands for the sale of batteries focuses on versatility during in-store implementation, simple operation, and making customers' orientation and choice easier at the point of sale. The branding of the Panasonic trademark is emphasised by the placement of the logo so that it is visible from all angles. A distinct design element is the battery itself, which in the 3D model is implemented in the top part of the stand.

The sales line of stands is designed to solve any situation which traders encounter throughout Europe. They are handed a solution which enables them to utilise the stands in any type of store, from a newsagent to a supermarket, in any country. Most of the stands can be dismantled, and therefore a large number of sets can be taken away on a pallet. The precise video manuals, thanks to which even an unqualified person can perform the assembly in 2 minutes, represent an added value. 

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