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In the field of design and architecture, it is not only the aesthetic element that is essential, but also functionality and technical performance. This fact has been well demonstrated by several projects associated with the Chinese electronics and appliance company Hisense. These projects presented a challenge that our team decided to take on and implement with an emphasis on quality and precision.

We have already successfully completed four projects for Hisense in Germany. The key aspect of the projects was not only the functionality of the furniture, but also the technical workmanship and aesthetics. The main challenge was to create island furniture that not only highlighted the brand's products, but also brought a unique design element to the space.

These projects were not just about the materials and technology used. It was also a unique commission that emphasised functionality and technical brilliance rather than extravagant features. Nevertheless, together with Slovenian designers, we managed to create interesting and innovative solutions that appealed to Hisense. 

One technical aspect worth mentioning, for example, is the electricity distribution to the island furniture. We tackled this challenge in a creative way to ensure functionality and aesthetics at the same time. 

Hisense showrooms have thus gained a new dimension thanks to more than just our work. Not only were we able to combine functionality and technical skill, but we also contributed to a unique design experience for showroom visitors.

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