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About project

Illuminated battery stand which reacts to movement

We designed an elegant illuminated POS battery carrier to highlight the sale of prepaid GO cards for the TESCO retail chain. The stand is variable thanks to exchangeable components such as a card shelf with the option of movement to the sides, and the insertion of an A4 poster with the current menu. The upper surface is designed for conspicuous communication, with an illuminated logo on the battery and a motion sensor. The logo on the stand becomes illuminated with a pulsating light when someone comes near. Both the distance and the logo's light intensity are adjustable. The lower part is fitted with a stainless steel trench for easy maintenance.

Main advantages:

1) No need for power inlet – long-lasting built-in battery for the illuminated logo.

2) Mobile – merchandising can be moved anywhere – to the wall, into a space, near the tills etc.

3) The “Prepaid O2 Cards”product menu in corporate image colours combines the communication with TV advertisements, O2 Future Stores etc.

4/ Exchangeable communication – shelf, form of A4 pockets for posters with the current menu, etc.

5/ The double-sided version makes maximum use of its surface for branding. 

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