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About project

We created IQOS design prototypes, including a technical solution, for Philip Morris.

We designed a technical solution for a set of IQOS products in a very sophisticated way – illuminated letters, docking station, coin tray and counter display.

The illuminated letters IQOS are designed from opal plexiglass, including lighting using white LED modules and a dimming sensor to conspicuously attract shoppers' attention. There is also a docking station for 5 devices with a charging adapter, which includes a dimming sensor. The coin tray is made from shaped and tempered glass, with edges ground to matte, and is complemented by a holder for the replacement of the glass if necessary. The coin tray's dominant feature is a 3D IQOS logo which is sufficiently large to attract attention. The pinnacle of the technical solution is the counter display, with a 3D illuminated LED logo and changeable magnetic price tags. We also designed the product holders excellently; they are mechanically secured against theft by winches. The entire set thereby ensures that the product is effectively presented directly at the point of sale, and becomes a powerful tool for long-term brand building.

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