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Toning Centre presenting the brand Primalex and Johnstones located at DIY chain Bauhaus is conceived as a place where customers can try and comfortably choose the right color for their home. The wall, which contains 210 color scales in several color families allows the customer to test colors in 3 different lighting conditions under the light boxes placed directly in the wall. In the future, customers will be able to model their space in an application pre-installed on a tablet to match their domestic environment as closely as possible, and modeling can then be taken out / e-mailed. Customers can also take away the actual cards with color gamut to try at home. The center is grandly conceived so that customers feel comfortable here, dominated by elegance combined with solid wood and cold colors in elegant curves, similar to many modern homes. This upgrades the Primalex products into the segment of premium brands.

Fixed rotating racks in two sizes allow customers to browse easily the color scales on the cards, and then choose the most suitable color for their home at any store. Cards are placed in the rotating system in the classical range of colors so that customers could see tones as they would appear in their homes. Elegant stand offers a simple solution for selecting an appropriate color for each sales area. Stands with cards is being installed in stores throughout the Czech Republic and the client expects increase in penetration of the brand, shift to premium segment and increased sales.

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