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Prestige Products Česká Republika s.r.o.
Pharmacy, cosmetics
2016, 2017
About project

The customer acquired exclusive representation of the iconic American cosmetics brand Revlon, for which they needed to invent, design and manufacture stands that will immediately visually attract and absorb women. We designed modular, sexy and seductive stands that accurately capture the slogan “LOVE IS ON”. The glossy black, combined with corporate red, is a combination which evokes titillating associations in the world of luxury. The stand offers the option of exchangeable side panels (for example in a lace or high gloss design), an illuminated hot spot for communication of novelties or products in the event, and the option of adapting the individual shelves' layouts for decorative cosmetic products. The shelves are backlit by LED strips, so that the Revlon cosmetics stand out and entice shoppers to make a purchase. The modular stand with Revlon products is therefore synonymous with female beauty.  

The stands are located in the Rossmann pharmacy network and in FAnn perfumeries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia; the client plans their expansion to other pharmacies/perfumeries, and to the independent market. 

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