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French fashion brand Sisley, a member of the prestigious Benetton Group S.p.A., has recently taken a courageous step towards perfection in its retail space. This step was the implementation of a new design element - the Backwall design wall and presentation table in one of the stores in Hungary.

The proposed Backwall design wall embodies the prestige and high quality that Sisley represents. This new design wall was created especially for one of the stores in Hungary. Its design and appearance have been carefully considered to reflect the unique aesthetic of the brand. The backwall serves as a focal point for showcasing the latest fashion collections and beauty products.

Material selection was a key aspect of creating this wall. We chose a premium laminated board known as "Majelite" to create the design wall. These boards not only provide an elegant and sophisticated look, but also ensure durability and longevity. This luxurious material is the perfect accessory for the prestigious beauty market.

The actual process of producing this design wall was an interesting challenge for Sisley. Working with a premium material required precision and expertise, and the utmost attention to product detail.

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