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About project

The aim of the design and installation of the premium signage on Teta pharmacies' shelves is to make it easier for the premium customer to orient themselves on the shelf and become an expert in selected categories, thus increasing the share of these categories in the shopping basket. This is also connected with the aim of increasing the overall premium product turnover without the need to use promotional events which involve discounts.  

The project of branding shelves with premium pharmacy products is also interesting due to its sophisticated testing, which worked with several categories and many testing parameters. In the first phase, we and the client began testing the premium shaving category at the end of the year 2015 (before Christmas), i.e. when it's in season. This consisted of the fixed shelf framing of the products. Subsequently, in spring 2016, a hair care category was added; a modular frame system, which can be moved and changed according to the position on the shelf, was developed for it. 3 size variants were tested (1 shelf, 3 shelves, 5 shelves of goods), which showed how the signage works with regard to changing customer behaviour. In the last summer phase, we also added a skin cosmetics category. 

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