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Zdravé ponožky
About project

The zdravéponož sales stands are primarily based on branding and practicality. The front of the stand comprises a simple but unmissable header with the name of the brand of products on offer and its logo. Thanks to its neutral design, the POS stand will fit in with the appearance of any store. At the same time, it clearly marks the position of the products offered at the point of sale – so that the customer immediately knows upon entering the store where to head for. The brand visibility is further supported by backlighting using LED strips focused downwards. Thus one strip illuminates both the sign and the products.

The stand functionality is further enhanced through the material used. White laminated chipboards are easy to handle, transport and set up. The cleverly designed racks allow for the display of the greatest possible number of products without loss of clarity. The lower section of the sales stand comprises a spacious drawer for storing goods. Thus sales staff can refill any missing products instantly at any time during the day. 

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