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A timeless space combining function, emotion and elements representing values of the company. This is how one could describe the new ZooDom shop interior. Our design was based on an analysis of the previous store solution, meaning that we were able to adapt our concept to the wishes of customers. Comfort and clarity thus became a crucial point.

We supported a clear layout at the store through infographics and educational elements produced by our signmaking workshop. Large signs with pictures of individual pets are clearly shown, enabling customers to find items for cats, dogs, parrots or fish. This means that the layout of the store is immediately apparent to the customer as soon as he steps into the store. Subcategories of the range for individual animals are then clearly marked on the shelves. An ingenious arrangement of gondolas, sales stands and shelves then guides the customer smoothly through the entire store.

The customer’s journey is interspersed with so-called "fun" elements that focus on the customer’s emotions, transforming an ordinary shopping trip into an extraordinary experience. This involves, for example, live animals in the store alongside attractive exhibits. Similarly, the customer is impacted by emotive graphic design elements which come to a crescendo at the end of the customer journey - at the checkout - where pet treats are available. Using emotive elements, the interior of the store is able to evoke positive emotions in the customer and eventually turn these into a purchase.

As the size of the brand has grown, so has its social responsibility. The design of the store enables the presentation of social responsibility projects directly in the store. Baskets for charity collections for homeless animals, supplemented by an information board listing animals for adoption, have become a prominent component of the shop.

The entire interior design of the store is not only focused on functionality and increasing sales, but above all on the identity of the brand and its values.

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