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FISCHER, a. s.
About project

The perfect combination of two brands in one concept – that's how the newly opened branch of the travel agency Fischer could be described. The new icon and light line in the colours of both companies elegantly express the connection between CK Fischer and Exim Tours.

The concept for this branch is based on the interior design of CK Fischer. For CK clients, we have arranged a comfortable waiting area with furniture made of quality material. This is optically separated from the area where clients are served by designer wall cladding. Here, customers can drink coffee, recharge their phones and watch travel offers on LCD screens. Thanks to this, clients can get into the right holiday mood, in the calm atmosphere of wooden cladding and pleasant lighting.

Newly designed desks are friendlier, not only for customers but also for staff. There are either green plants or a common printer between the individual workstations, optically separating them. We also supported this with storage space on the operator's side. To a certain extent, this guarantees a visual and, above all, a sound barrier, thanks to which workers do not disturb each other and have peace of mind when dealing with clients. The functionality of the concept is supported by a design "bumper" – the lining of the back wall up to the level of the cabinets – which prevents abrasion of the wall from the operator's chairs. At the same time, we selected comfortable seating furniture that meets the needs of meetings for employees and clients.

A prominent feature of the concept, and of the entire space, is a map made up of small mirror dots, which in light reflections symbolize the global coverage of individual tourist destinations. By limiting tall cupboards around the perimeter and supplementing the space with plants, we created a pleasant environment that contrasts with the existing design concept. 

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