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Zoo Praha
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The unique design of the souvenir store in the new Prague Zoo gorilla house – the Dja Reserve – simulates the appearance of typical shops one finds on the African continent. It is linked to the newly opened gorilla house through its natural atmosphere. This is the result of a combination of warm colours, wooden furnishings and shelving placed intentionally randomly, providing free movement for customers while also gently guiding them through the entire store. 

The smart installation of fittings ensures the place remains open and spacious. High shelves are only located around the edge of the store, while the middle section contains low stands which do not obstruct the view even for kids. Thus nobody can miss any products offered.

The store links to the newly opened gorilla house in particular through its predominant natural aged wood features. The African atmosphere is further enhanced by the ornamental use of original artefacts imported directly from Cameroon. These wooden statuettes and masks add to the authenticity of the overall design. Thus, customers move seamlessly from the gorilla reserve to the store, with nothing disturbing their African experience. 

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