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  • In-store design

    We design, produce and install

  • In-store design

    We design, produce and install

  • In-store design

    We design, produce and install

We will design, construct and furnish your commercial interior. It doesn’t matter whether it is a shop or a restaurant. Our approach is the same whether orders are large and small, whether it is the construction of a new interior or refurbishment of an existing one. We want to be useful. We are unique in knowing and being able to provide all trades. Whilst we are delivering your interior, you can concentrate on your work – take advantage of a turn-key solution.


  • Analysis of project and customer/investor requirements
  • We perform a store-check of your outlets and those of your competitors
  • We design and propose interiors using 3D visualisations, shop concept
  • Development, mock-ups and testing of functionality
  • Measuring up and recording of the state of the sales outlets
  • Production, delivery and installation

Selected works

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Korá s.r.o.
About project

Creativity and imagination shining all the way out onto the street, making customers curious to enter right away, in particular through the playful colourful design. The store interior not only cleverly portrays the brand essence and products on offer, but also helps to provide in-store navigation.

The store contains a truly diverse range of products for creative craft – from beads and macramé products to candle making essentials. These small products really stand out on visually neutral stands. These are supported by coloured navigation graphics which helps customers know immediately exactly where the products for their own creative needs are located. “Everything for stone bracelets”, and “Everything for macramé” against a coloured background clearly mark the category of products, and are clearly visible right from the entrance.

We have boosted communication not just within the store, but also towards the street. We have replaced the original posters in the store window with illuminated T-boards at the front of stands. These attract the attention of passersby, and their bold colours tempt them to take a look in the store. We have rejuvenated and clearly structured the store, without having to change anything about the range.

The icing on the cake design-wise is the perimeter neon LED symbolising the beading of a string, clearly connecting up shelves across the entire store circumference. 

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