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  • In-store design

    We design, produce and install

  • In-store design

    We design, produce and install

  • In-store design

    We design, produce and install


We will design, construct and furnish your commercial interior. It doesn’t matter whether it is a shop or a restaurant. Our approach is the same whether orders are large and small, whether it is the construction of a new interior or refurbishment of an existing one. We want to be useful. We are unique in knowing and being able to provide all trades. Whilst we are delivering your interior, you can concentrate on your work – take advantage of a turn-key solution.


  • Analysis of project and customer/investor requirements
  • We perform a store-check of your outlets and those of your competitors
  • We design and propose interiors using 3D visualisations, shop concept
  • Development, mock-ups and testing of functionality
  • Measuring up and recording of the state of the sales outlets
  • Production, delivery and installation

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Pikito a. s.
Pick-up point
About project

Our unique concept for PIKITO provides a new service on the Czech market for online stores. The store interior comprises shelving and gondolas whose clean design means they can easily be adapted to any brand, and enable a diverse range to really stand out. Their positioning creates a total of twelve retail units. These represent an ideal retail outlet with space for a store’s own branding, while vendors share costs for facilities, storage and staff.

Separate retail units are located along the circumference of the store. We have provided each unit with two t-board signs. Illuminated advertising signs allow brands to highlight their position within the store.  Furthermore, the customer views an overview of what brands are in the store and where to find them right at the entrance, helping them to find their way in the store. Additionally, each brand is able to adapt their unit fully to their promotional materials and branding.

The whole store also operates as a pick-up point. There is an island with two panels in an aisle. The customer can find their order using the touch screen, which they can then immediately pay for using the attached payment terminal. Purchasers are able to see the order of products to pick up on screens at the panels and at the check-outs. This island also comprises a waiting zone with three benches and low mirrors for trying on shoes. There are also fitting rooms in the store for online clothes stores.

Thanks to this concept, online stores can work fully with the customer’s emotions and take full advantage of in-store marketing. There is a greater likelihood of shoppers making impulsive purchases in physical stores, especially when waiting to pick up a product. The narrow selection and diverse range further keep customers’ attention focused, and the products on offer and advertising communications are more likely to appeal to them.

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