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27% sales growth through our concept for Super Zoo.

We are continuing Super Zoo stores’ successful rebranding journey, in which we’re working with unique emotive experiences in all directions. The fact our concept is highly successful is confirmed by the fact that Super Zoo sales have grown year-on-year by a superb 27 % thanks to its new rebranding. Alongside the Super Zoo team, we’re created this working concept, one which is truly unique on the market.

The purchase and customer journey is interwoven with educational graphics regarding individual product ranges. “Don’t forget to make them happy and buy them a treat,” declares a sign in the dog treats section. There are many such emotive graphics in the store. All stores use the same materials, navigation and overall layout so that customers can find their favourite products at the same place in the store. Great emphasis has been placed on clear layout, finding one’s bearings quickly, the SUPER ZOO visual identity and the gradual amplification of emotions, which reaches its peak at the sales counters where treats for pets are displayed. In this way, the customer’s journey is highly emotionally charged. Thanks to excellent communication with the Super Zoo team, we’ve managed to think things through together to the tiniest detail, and this is reflected in the fantastic sales growth outcome.

Through our MORIS construction division, we have been able to undertake structural modifications and almost entirely remodelled an entire store in Mladá Boleslav in the CityMarket premises, and in many other towns and cities across the entire Czech Republic and Slovakia, so that they are ready for the installation of all retail elements. Our construction division, operating across CZ, SK and RO, saves our customers not just time, but also significant funds because we supply them with complete service from design, full construction project and construction work to installation.

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