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A look into the future with MORIS

A look into the future of digital retail was displayed on seven presentation stands, packed with the latest technologies. This digital exposition had to fulfil high demands for the graphic demonstrations of new technologies, such as BIG Data, Face Scan, Digital Signature etc. For this purpose, we developed multifunctional stands which can be modified, according to the requirements of the specific presentation, with a simple tilting of the central circle.

On the other hand, the stand’s large light circle designates the side area, so that nobody can step into the meeting, and so that clients always feel comfortable during a presentation inside the circle. 

The central totem pole serves as a carrier for 4 screens and many sensors and scanners, which are connected with the presentation of individual products.

The customer path is arranged in such a way that every visitor has to walk past all of the products, and the staff has sufficient space to address them personally. The individual stands‘ content is combined with the customer path’s requirements, and hierarchically compiled according to its priorities. In this way, an exposition with elements which can be easily implemented in any further presentation of the brand was created in a very short time.

POPAI AWARDS 2020 - Special award in the OUTSTANDING REALISATION category for the O2 digital exposition project

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