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“Sportisimo sets a new direction in its segment“

The need to keep pace with the times and get closer to its customers was the main goal of the new unique concept employed by the  Sportisimo chain, which is a major European player on the sports equipment market. At the beginning of the entire project, thanks to our analysis, we obtained very valuable information which helped us precisely define customers' requirements. Thanks to our testing area, which is a unique 100 m2, making it the only one of its size in the Czech Republic, we built the entire store before commencing production, in order to fine-tune both the materials and the functional solution. An indisputable advantage was that Sportisimo's representatives were able to examine all of the materials and designs by touch, but even more importantly gain valuable emotions from the constructed store – practically the same as their customers will have. Thus, the “Gates of the Worlds“, which in addition to remote navigation to the category effectively highlight the selected portfolio, became the dominant element. With the help of elevated islands, the typical forest of low gondolas, which thanks to the optimisation of their height and simple modularity preserve an overview of the furthest parts of the store, was also disrupted. The view into the store is therefore always lively, and the customer obtains a better overview of the goods on offer when walking through it. They see practically all of the products, and their interest thus increases the emotional experience from the shopping. We created a connecting element, a simple arrow, which clearly defines Sportisimo and distinguishes it from the competition. Despite the simple connection, however, there was and continues to be a kind of movement in the store, which is further reflected in both the furniture section and the emotional graphics. The store as a whole gives a balanced and compact impression, and precisely fulfils the expectations of a broad spectrum of target groups, according to both age and product categories. The shopping and customer journey are also interwoven with educational graphics relating to individual goods, as well as “fun elements“, which in the future will appear more and more frequently in stores with emotions.

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