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Two more golds! Honours in another specialist competition.

We are incredibly gratified, and it feels like our successful path knows no limits: we have taken home two golds in major categories in another competition, “Duhový paprsek” (Rainbow Ray). What were they for? And what is notable about the projects?

Winner of the Suppliers for Signmaking Association Prize for overall design making use of the latest technology for the O2 digital exhibition projec

A glimpse into the future of digital retail was presented over seven presentation stands loaded with the latest technology, such as BIG data, Face scan, Digital signage, Customer movement monitoring, Customer demographics, Electronic price tags and more. We developed multipurpose stands for this purpose which can be modified as needed by simply tilting the central circle.

Winner of the Czech Marketing Association Prize for a complete premises design making use of unconventional technology for the Footshop Bucharest project

Our team started off well in successfully implementing a store in Bucharest, Romania. We renovated a former patisserie premises while emphasising preservation of its genius loci. Seamless profiles, invisible welding, tempered glass with specially polished edges. We set up the cashier counter and counter for the 3D printer on site using Italian black glass bricks. The second storey holds an exhibition space and VIP lounge providing a view of the dominant chandelier from Lasvit. It’s not just about sneakers: it’s about design, art, building a collection and social status.

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