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We celebrate our success! We won POPAI Awards 2018.

On Thursday 29 November 2018, the largest meeting of leading Czech companies in the field of POPs and retail communication was held, as well as the announcement of the POPAI Awards for the year 2018. We can not miss this event every year and proudly take the victory in the category of "In-store Furnishing" for our O2 FUTURE SHOP concept. It is an important prize for our intense and hard work on a unique in-store design project that we have been involved from the very beginning and is now one of the largest projects in the MORIS design history. You can also look at the photographs.

About project O2 Future Shop

We are proud authors of original design for this unique project within the telecommunication segment. Its development had been going on for almost a year and we built a fully functional prototype shop in our production hall before official launch, testing all the proposed solutions, elements and fine-tuning the final form to its perfection.

The concept comes with a strong emotional overlap over standard retail services. An unconventional technology environment speaks to a broad target group without a need to differentiate between private and corporate clients. The goal is to make complex technologies simple and understandable to people in a natural environment. A room with a home-smoked atmosphere freezes the barriers between the customer and the staff. It creates a pleasant atmosphere for both parties, yet it provides a strong intimacy for discrete action. The strongest benefits are the high degree of modularity, the 100% functionality of all the elements and the non-violent interconnection of individual zones of the interior. The modularity of the system helps significantly reduce the cost of realization of the stores and ensures simple adaptation to different spaces. At the same time, it allows any change to the layout of each store. The Future Shop's interior is unique to its organic solution and the blending of its core zones. There is an interactive presentation of smart technologies. The concept sets trends and values ​​of modern shopping and changes customer access over the long term. The vision of the concept is based on the idea that one should not serve technology but technology for people.

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