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Facility management

Facility management – save time and money – everything fully online

Store service, management and maintenance – it’s easy to enter your requirements.

Have all services, costs, dates, photo records and completion documents under control.

  • Share transport costs with others – it’s significantly cheaper!
  • pay, e.g. 1/3 of transport when we’re resolving service and maintenance in the neighbourhood for 3 other clients
  • we cover the Czech Republic, Slovakia + Europe 

Who is the programme designed for?

  • whoever wants to save significant costs
  • for companies with numerous branches who do not have the capacity or time to resolve service and faults at branches
  • whoever does not want to hire experts in specific professions


What service operations are possible? Unlimited, in line with your needs.

  • we can arrange, e.g. change of light bulbs, lightingdamaged counter
  • damaged counter
  • air-conditioning
  • construction work (we have our own service technicians and construction division, MORIS construction)
  • other service and maintenance operations as needed


We provide service and maintenance to chain store networks – O2, SUPER ZOO CZ, SUPER ZOO SK + Romania, Traficon network, etc. and also the management and maintenance of Gabriella Salvette and Dermacol displays.


Set up service operations as required

  • within 24 hours
  • within 7 days
  • within 30 days


How does it all work?

  • request - simple, intuitive method of entering requirements. Choose from preselected options, everything filled in automatically.
  • records - you know when a technician will arrive - we automatically send an email to the store with date and approximate time of technician’s arrival.
  • import photos and plans for specific jobs - for clarification you can upload a photo or other document directly with a specific request for better specification and precise preparation for service operation.
  • branch administration - you can easily add to or change your list of branches, including all data.
  • display individual jobs for clarity and optimisation - immediate display on map, allowing route to be optimised and reducing transport and time costs.
  • billing finished jobs - each job generates a report for clear service billing.
  • photo record report as PDF – as soon as a photo is taken, you have the option of generating a photo report in PDF format for checking.
  • system shows exactly where the technician is located – we have full control assessing optimum routes and keeping your costs down. In the event of difficulties on the way, we localise the technician and contact you with a time of arrival.


Core advantages

  • simple pro-client approach with own rights
  • clear service operations overview
  • statistics and indicators of interest for client
  • automatic reporting for client
  • professional software
  • online access to all information, including from mobile phones (photos, completion document right after upload)
  • job request, filters and outcomes in system


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